Xavi has committed the ultimate Barcelona sin

Ethan Tait

Xavi Hernandez is a Barcelona legend and has always had a very strong opinion regarding the Messi v Ronaldo debate; Messi is better. But recently, Xavi has said some things that might put him in hot water with the Culé faithful. 

When speaking to the media Xavi said,

Cristiano has the numbers to win this year’s Ballon d’Or, having won the Champions League and the Euros [with Real Madrid and Portugal]. But I also think that it’ll be very competitive, because Messi will be there, of course.

Xavi Hernandez

Way to hit Ronaldo with the backhanded compliment, Xavi. I didn’t think you had the pettiness in you.

Recently, Xavi was asked the eternal question by a reporter: Messi or Ronaldo?

The answer was very obvious for the former Barcelona man who piled praise on the Argentine saying that, “there can be no comparisons,” in favor of the magisterial Messi.

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Ronaldo, being about as sensitive as a teenage girl going through a break-up with the love of her life at 16, reacted with some strong words for the midfield god.

I couldn’t care less about what Xavi says about me, he plays in Qatar or I don’t even know where. He’s won every collective trophy, including a World Cup and the European Championship, but he’s never won a Ballon d’Or.

Bitchiano Ronaldo

Cristiano has attempted to prove that his Ballon d’Ors are worth more than all the trophies in the world. He’s managed to look like of a self-centered prick more than ever, all the while badmouthing a Spanish and footballing legend.

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Just play, Ronaldo. We all know your feeling were hurt and you’re lashing out as a result. Have a timeout and reflect on your decisions.

Frankly, I hate waging any sort of argument in this debate as both sides are so polarized that even recognizing validity in the other’s argument with result in verbal abuse or public stoning.

Personally, I’d rather stay clear of both.

Xavi will always have a strong opinion regarding who’s best because of his close ties to Barcelona and Ronaldo will always be a combative twat ready to fight anyone who supports anyone else besides Ronaldo.

And the debate continues…


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