Marco Verratti is delusional about why he joined PSG

Ethan Tait

Paris Saint Germain was a nobody in the the world of football until 2011. Sure, they won trophies and had quality players like Ronaldinho in the side, but they were never a football powerhouse. I like to see 2011 as the beginning of their history when the Qatar Sports Investments Group took over ownership of the club and pumped the club full of money in order to buy whatever stars they wanted. 

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani, Javier Pastore, Thiago Motta, and manager Carlo Ancelotti were shipped off to Paris to start the early formation of the super team that would deliver success back to the French capital after 19 years of a trophy drought.

Qatari money bought success for the club and eventually bought Marco Verratti. The diminutive Italian was bought as a signing for the future and add a youth element to the side. At just 19, he joined PSG and has grown as a player with multiple big clubs looking to convince him to move away from Paris.

Despite the fact that PSG were not relevant until big money was pumped into the side, Marco Verratti has insisted playing at PSG was a great challenge for him.

Verratti recently spoke regarding his PSG move in 2012 and said,

I came to Paris from my hometown of Pescara four-and-a-half years ago in hope of winning this competition (Champions League), which is the biggest there is. Winning it means so much to a club because it is a competition between the best clubs in Europe.

Marco Verratti

Let’s hold up a second here.

The Italian international just gave us a blanket response that can be used by any player for their reasoning of joining another club, trophies are always the motivation.

While other team were fighting for his signature, Verratti saw PSG as a great opportunity for a payday and I don’t blame him. He was 19, fresh out of Italy and saw a chance and took it.

With this in mind, we can translate what Verratti said regarding his motivation to sign for PSG:

I left Italy as soon as I heard big money was calling my name. I knew trophies were going to be easy domestically because the French league is shit and everyone knows it, but I was going to get paid a lot of money to do it. Now, I can sit on loads of cash and eventually make the jump to a club where I can actually try and win the Champions League.

Marco ‘I love Qatari money’ Verratti

There’s no shame in the approach of Verratti as money is a key motivational factor, but don’t be coy, you bastard. We can all see right through your attempt at convincing us otherwise.

Paris is a nice city and all, but as Zlatan said the thing he missed most about PSG was his paycheck.

Listen to Lil’ Wayne, Verratti, because money is definitely the motive, don’t front with us.

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