Barcelona are coming to America but it’s not good news for MLS

Ethan Tait

The MLS All-Star game is the attempt of American soccer to put their stamp on the beautiful game and make more money. Like I have previously debated, I see no point in a match that gives uneducated Americans false hope about our league in a glorified pre-season game for the European opposition. 

The MLS has brought a wide variety of clubs to play in their version of the midsummer classic with the game being played against lesser clubs like Fulham, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur to teams of higher quality like Bayern Munich, Arsenal, and Manchester United.

The MLS All-Stars have experienced mixed results against the European sides, but will find themselves struggling to play against their next opponent, FC Barcelona.

Recently, FC Barcelona has been looking to expand its brand to America with their main ambassador for the club being no other than club legend, Ronaldinho.

What better way to show America that you have arrived and mean business than taking part in the All-Star game.

Being played in July, I highly doubt we will be seeing the likes of MSN on the pitch in the match, but the MLS All-Stars will be outplayed and definitely out coached by the Catalan giants.

I see the opportunity to play a side like Barcelona as a way of getting the US to see its issues and the problem with the All-Star game and the MLS as a whole.

FC Barcelona’s youngsters will play the All-Stars off the pitch and expose the faulty MLS system founded upon the principles of bringing older, famous players into teams in an attempt to constantly increase revenue. The system is not one for growth, but we are too concentrated on fiscal gains that full wallets helps us forget that we actually want to compete with other nations.

We need an outside force to turn our heads to the problem and assess it or ignore again and digress as a soccer playing country.

Let’s (try to) make American soccer great again…just kidding we’ve never been great.

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