Jordan Speith tells autograph seekers to get real jobs or get lost

Poor Jordan Spieth had a run in with some less than reputable golf fans yesterday. After a practice round at Pebble Beach, Jordan ran afoul of some ferrel animals a.k.a. some New Balance-wearing, middle-aged autograph hunters. 

The issue began when Jordan refused to sign autographs for a group of men. Not sure of their age, but they must have something better to do than wait for autographs from a 23-year-old. Anyway, once Jordan declined, the heckling began.

Jordan said some choice words starting with F were used around children. Naturally, the golfer was not very happy and came back at the men to raise a bit of hell.

Regarding the incident Jordan said:

“So I turned around and one of them dropped an F-bomb in front of three kids, so I felt the need to turn around and tell them that that wasn’t right,” Spieth said at his press conference Wednesday.

“Our team keeps track of that kind of stuff, and these guys just have bags of stuff to benefit from other people’s success when they didn’t do anything themselves. Go get a job instead of trying to make money off of things we’ve been able to do.”

Spieth added that he makes himself available for kids, who usually wait for autographs, and he has no issue with fans. But that doesn’t include people trying to make a buck off of his success. I agree with Jordan, these guys need to get real jobs.

The situation escalated when Jordan stopped for a youngster to sign something. Cue the Tiger Woods jokes. The hecklers started with the classic “You’re not Tiger Woods” schtick (which is ridiculous). After some unrevealed words, Jordan said:

“I was just a little frustrated at the end, and I didn’t appreciate the language that was used. It was just some scums that bothered me.”

Sounds like these guys are some real krill. You don’t use the word scum for just anyone. At the end of the day, don’t ask Jordan for an autograph and put it on Ebay; he’ll know.

The Autograph Hunters of eBay


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