Ridiculous Penalty Against Mexico Exposes FIFA’s Glaring Hypocrisy

FIFA has fined Mexico for the fifth time this year for their spirited but problematic “puto” chant in a pious attempt to promote a progressive agenda as overlords of the world’s most popular sport. Unfortunately, the penalty only serves to underscore the organization’s corrupt and duplicitous nature. Mexico’s specific charge: “Homophobic chants by supporters + lasers.”

Sounds like something out of one of Dr. Evil’s weird dreams, I know.


“Puto” translates loosely to “male prostitute” or “faggot” if we’re not mincing words. But it doesn’t have the same vitriol that the word “faggot” does. I’m not advocating for its use, but the word has become a transcendent colloquialism in Spanish speaking countries.

The word is everywhere. Did you just get a big tax bill from Uncle Sam? You’re likely to say putos impuestos! Did your boss just give you a shitty assignment? You may mutter under your breath puto trabajo.

Puto is thus used similarly to “bloody” in the United Kingdom and “fucking” in the United States. It’s pervasive. The chant only reflects the ugly linguistic reality of Latin America and Spain. Everything that provokes rage is a puto….the typical El Tri fan means “coward”, not “fag” or “queer.”

Elliott Turner, via http://fusion.net/story/71932/puto-mexico-soccer-chant/

I fully agree the chant is problematic. But I’ve been to Mexican national team games. I’m not gonna lie, it’s fun to say. When the opposing goalie takes a goal kick, the entire stadium delights in yelling at him (I would never yell at Tim Howard, for the record).

Do these fans sound more like malicious homophobes or happily intoxicated supporters engaging in a bit of banter? You tell me.

But in all seriousness, where does FIFA get off telling Mexicans to be less homophobic when the next two World Cups are being held in Russia and Qatar, two places where BEING GAY IS ILLEGAL.

The governments of Russia and Qatar are only slightly more progressive than ISIS. That’s not a fucking joke. You’d have about as much luck being openly gay in Russia or Qatar as you would in Raqqa.

While FIFA is pretending to admonish Mexico for a problematic chant, they’re busy legitimizing terrible and oppressive governments by granting them the world’s most important sporting event.

Qatar is literally powered by slave labor. That’s not hyperbole. Do your Googles if you’ve been living under a rock.

The doublethink that FIFA operates under is truly mind boggling.


Color me a cynic, but it seems like soccer, the world’s game, has been transformed from the great equalizer to a platform for the rich to further enrich themselves, and the fines that FIFA hands out are a half-assed attempt to repair a reputation that’s beyond salvage.

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