Jurgen Klinsmann has a raging hard on for Chris Wondolowski

Ethan Tait

Jurgen Klinsmann has openly expressed his disapproval of MLS and has used the lack of quality in the league as his reasoning for seeking out players who earn their pay in foreign leagues. But for some reason, the former German international keeps calling up SJ Earthquakes forward Chris Wondolowski. 

As I remember, Klinsmann has always been a critic of the league due to the lack of opportunities for young players and the lack of consequence for teams who preform poorly…promotion/relegation anyone?

The Americans lack quality up top in the MLS with Chris Wondolowski, Jordan Morris, and Jozy Altidore being the pick of the bunch. But with Bobby Wood playing fantastic in the Bundesliga and Altidore finally playing up to his potential, there’s no place for Wondo.

Through his German connections, players in the Bundesliga have been Klinsmann’s favorite, but Wondolowski sounds kinda Polish, so close enough?

My fondest memory of the Earthquakes striker is his miss against Belgium in the World Cup, a man doesn’t forget something that has to do with his country.

‘Merica, fuck yea.

Despite his highlight for the national team being a hat trick against Belize in the Gold Cup, Klinsmann is always keen on the inclusion of the 33-year-old striker out of Division 2 college soccer. Where’s the logic in that?

Klinsmann has a raging hard on for Wondo and he’s not afraid to show it.

When asked why he included Wondolowski in the latest USMNT roster Klinsmann replied with,

Wondo is here because he’s a damn good player. He’s here because he’s scoring lots of goals on a regular basis in MLS, year in, year out…He’s one that keeps the chemistry positive and makes every training sessson very, very dramatic…There are many reasons why Wondo is here, and he totally deserves to be here.

Jurgen Klinsmann

That’s a man crush if I’ve ever seen one.

Granted, it isn’t your conventional relationship by any means, but it works.

Wondolowski is the 4th leading scorer in MLS history with 120 goals in 256 games, a number that I would say is impressive, but he plays in the MLS.

All jokes aside regarding American soccer, the man knows how to finish.

And I can see why Klinsmann wants to keep him around. He’s a positive influence on the younger players and can use his experience to mentor the next generation, but he’s still an MLS player, the mortal enemy of Klinsmann’s type.

On paper it doesn’t make a lick of sense, but the relationship works; opposites really do attract.

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