Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s sperm is wanted by manager

Yep, you read that title right.

But I suppose, given the social media, celebrity-based world we live in, that headline won’t be the weirdest thing you’ll read today, let alone this week.

In fairness, it’s probably a story that you haven’t even raised an eyebrow at, it’s *almost* just a ‘yeah, of course someone does’vibe.

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So, for starters, let’s just appreciate and applaud the beautifully dramatic piano music that accompanies the video? felt like something Hans Zimmer would’ve put together for the Gladiator film.

Then, you’ve got the fact that ‘North Norway’ is quite a mouthful; surprisingly tough to say, wouldn’t you agree?

“I have trained more than 1000 football players” just feels a bit like Jose Mourinho’s lie:

Some of them are big names, they are today Champions League winners or in the Euros, playing for national teams and 49 is a lot

The (not So) Special One

In fairness to Mourinho and the Nordstranda manager, they both openly admit their players are useless, fat and old.


Straight to the point, the gaffer asks for someone to put him in touch with I Am Zlatan, CR7 and Gazza – there’s something almost poetic about Paul Gascoigne being mentioned.

How Tofte plans to get the sperm of the aforementioned players and then impregnate the girlfriends’ of his team, remains to be seen – that should make for another amusingly viral second video in 20 years time, though.

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