Gary Neville’s tweet to Wayne Rooney is disrespectful to England

Gary Neville has earned the reputation as being brutally honest. Whether it’s the Sky Sports pundit’s analysis of current players, or even his own conclusions from that shocking – and that’s generous – spell at Valencia.

As honest as the ex-Man United man has been, his banter still manages to trump this level of integrity. The case on his time in Spain was just a vintage example of that, when a Twitter user asked G. Nev how it felt during *that* 7-0 Barcelona loss, the 41-year-old came back with…

“The last half-an-hour of the game was terrible, probably the worst I’ve felt since I got told Carragher was coming to sky”.

Gary Neville

However, as good as Neville’s banter is, we’re not quite sure what to make of the defender’s latest Twitter conversation with Three Lions skipper, Wayne Rooney.

Wazza Roo is having some banter with the Sky pundit for quitting his role as assistant manger of England…

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First and foremost, Rooney should probably try and find some form in the beautiful game, rather than trying to find the fairway. But, more importantly, G. Nev’s response to the tweet is perhaps a little bit too far, and quite hard to digest as an English fan.


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Is this meant to be banter? Or is the ex-Three Lions assistant having a pop at the England skipper?

Whatever the underlying tone to the tweet, that game should never be laughed at by those who were involved – especially as Neville has had a few fingers pointed at him with the Marcus Rashford sub.  It was an embarrassment on the nation, another letdown of the national side, and made English football look like a complete shambles.

So, however honest G. Nev is, or however funny the pundit wants to be – please don’t make sly remarks about the most humiliating piece of football history England has ever witnessed.

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