WATCH: Enner Valencia escapes from police DURING Ecuador game

Jack Yates

Enner Valencia did something pretty unique on Thursday night. The Ecuador and Everton man scored a goal and escaped from police, all in the same game ?.


According to a report from AS, the biological mother of Valencia’s child filed charges against him. The woman was demanding $17,000 in child support payments. This was apparently only the latest in a chain of unfortunate events that included a custody dispute.


“If they say this man earns so much, why doesn’t he pay [the help] monthly to his daughter?”

Paul Marín, lawyer — AS

To be fair, the lawyer has a point.

The woman’s allegations ultimately ended up earning the forward an arrest warrant, which Ecuadorian police fully intended to honor. They actually showed up at Ecuador’s pre-match training session and attempted to detain the ex-Hammer man. For some reason, they weren’t able to arrest him. More police were waiting for the Ecuadorian team bus when it arrived at the stadium last night ?.


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“It’s lamentable that certain police officers didn’t collaborate with the detention of the footballer Enner Valencia to ensure compliance with a judicial order.”

Paul Marín, lawyer


Valencia still had managed to escape arrest at that point, and it’s a good thing, too. He started in Ecuador’s World Cup qualifier against heavyweights Chile. The 26-year-old even managed to score the first goal in a massive 3-0 win for the men in yellow:


Good stuff, right? Now…this is where things went even further off the rails.


Ecuadorian police officials were on the sideline during the game, waiting.  The match report shows that Enner Valencia was subbed off “because of an injury” in the 82nd minute. Watch what followed:


Police chased the “injured” striker’s transport to an ambulance. We’re not making this up — it’s been widely reported that he faked this injury in order to escape the stadium and flee to a hospital. And he succeeded.


Valencia and his entourage outsmarted the police for just long enough. After the game last night, a judge ruled to dismiss his arrest warrant and, for now, the case against him. His agent posted a tweet confirming this final development in the unhinged saga:

Last night, three daring police escaped behind him (count ’em if you forgot), Enner slept at Ecuador’s training center after a day he’ll never forget. Here’s to hoping that the situation between he and his family calms down.

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