EXCLUSIVE: “The Best Child Golf Swing Since Tiger Woods”

At first glance, Jaden Soong looks like a normal run-of-the-mill seven-year-old, but the moment he picks up a golf club, this perception quickly disappears. 

We caught up with Jaden, his dad Chris, his coach, and his sponsor Gios, at Woodley Lakes Golf Course in Van Nuys. Right off the bat, everyone was so warm and welcoming, even though on that particular day it was chilly for California’s standards. When we saw a video of Jaden hitting a club, we knew we had to see what made this little dude so special, and it was evident from the moment we met him that he is indeed one of a kind.

Jaden was featured on ABC7 News, The Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, and has been called “the next Tiger Woods” by both fans and media, and for good reason. Even Adam Scott has seen Jaden swing and loved it so much, he posted his video on his own personal website.

Standing at 3’10,” Jaden can stripe his drives 150 yards with the consistency of a metronome. So how did he get into golf? You can thank his father, Chris Soong for that.

Chris told us that they had one of those mini tee-ball sets and when Jaden started swinging the bat, he knew he had to get a golf club in those hands. Jaden picked up his first plastic club at the age of 2, by two and a half he was taking private lessons and hasn’t stopped since.

Jaden Soong

In 2015 Jaden started playing in tournaments, where he placed in several of them and even made a hole-in-one. In 2016, the U.S. Kids Golf named him the Los Angeles fall tour champion, making that his 18th local victory. Not only that, but he came in 5th place out of 80 competitors as the top American Boys 6 & Under contender at the USKG World Championship in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

When we asked him why he loved golf, he told us it was time he got to spend with his parents. A kid that actually appreciates the time he has with the people that brought him into the world; amazing. If he’s not spending time with the his parents, he’s on his iPad (back to being a normal 7-year-old).

Jaden also loves spending time with his coach, James Jordan. The two of them have an undeniable chemistry as James teaches and Jaden plays. Like Chris has said, James doesn’t treat Jaden like a 7-year-old but he doesn’t treat him like an adult either, “they have this happy medium that really works.”

Jaden Soong

“We talk about school, we talk about golf, we talk about his friendships, we really make him enjoy life in general.”

He aspires to be like Jordan Spieth, his favorite golfer, which is really the perfect comparison. Both come from very supportive families and both have the sense of importance to be a good person first, before being a good golfer. That’s what Jaden is being taught and has been taught from the beginning.

The talent is there with Jaden Soong and he could be the next Tiger Woods, but he’s still just a 7-year-old kid. Anything can happen, but if the present reflects the future at all, he’ll be right there among the best of them.


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