WATCH: Andrei Arshavin makes headlines for the first time in a decade

Ethan Tait

Andrei Arshavin burst on to the footballing scene after a world class performance for Russia at Euro 2008, where he carried the team to a surprise semifinal berth. Like all players who play well in a big tournament, he generated a fair amount of transfer interest. Soon after, Arshavin was an Arsenal player as he secured a move from Zenit St. Petersburg. 

I’ll admit it, I jumped on the Andrei Arshavin hype train way too soon after his arrival. He was talented and was producing for the Gunners and I was young and dumb.

The Russian international did produce one of the more memorable appearances at Anfield in the 4-4 draw against Liverpool where he scored all four goals for Arsenal. Then he disappeared like one of the Russia nesting dolls and was really never heard from again.

He underperformance eventually earned him a one way ticket back to Saint Petersburg where he rejoined his former club, Zenit.

But at that time, the super team construction was on and he wasn’t going to play in the form that he was in at the time.

After bouncing around Russia, Arshavin finally landed in Kazakhstan Premier League with FC Kariat. I suppose that is the Russian equivalent of a move to the MLS?

Shouts out to the homie Borat.

Well, a certain blogger wasn’t too amused by his big move to the club and didn’t think the washed up Russian could do much of anything. The blogger, Peter Volikova, said he would shaved his head if Arshavin managed to score more than seven league goals.

Arshavin somehow has scored eight goals thus far, who knew he could still play?

The Russian female tennis player looking Arshavin has never been this happy and looks to have fully taken advantage of the hair cutting ceremony.

Maybe if he put this much effort into his game, he could’ve made it at the Emirates and I wouldn’t have wasted nearly $100 on his damn jersey.

Andrei Arshavin settled once he thought he had made it and never progressed into the player he should have been or the player that Russia needed.

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