WATCH: Neymar Bloodied In Horrific Injury

Barcelona star Neymar sustained a horrific injury during Brazil’s recent World Cup qualifier against Bolivia. Real talk, he looks like someone on the wrong end of a fight in a Brazilian LiveLeak video. Where there may have been a machete involved. Watch at your own risk:

To Neymar’s credit, he handled it like a boss. Homie dropped an MMA-style ‘bow on him and left him leakin’ and he was just like “…bruh.”

His assailant, Bolivia’s Yasmani Duk, escaped any punishment from the referee. There doesn’t appear to be any permanent damage to Neymar, but it sure looks nasty.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


It reminds me of that time in the World Cup when Brian McBride took an elbow square in the face from Daniele De Rossi:

To De Rossi’s credit, he apologized to McBride after the game and wrote a letter to FIFA taking responsibility for what happened.

I’m not saying Neymar’s injury was karma – he definitely hasn’t been on bad enough behavior to deserve anything like this, but he has feigned more than one injury on the pitch. Check out his 8 minute showreel on YouTube:

Soccer players have a well-deserved reputation for being dramatic and embellishing shit. Writhing around on the ground like they’re trapped in a deep layer of Dante’s Inferno. Acting like their eyes have been gouged out. All that fuckery does the game a disservice. No one wants to see it; not the players, not the fans, not the refs.

I’m not saying there isn’t an art to drawing free kicks. Setting your team up for a dangerous set piece is gamesmanship; an important component of any sport. But there’s a difference between putting yourself in a position to draw contact and acting like someone hit you with a right cross.

Soccer is a contact sport. Bones get broken, faces get bloodied. There’s so much acting and bullshitting that goes on out there on the pitch that sometimes it takes a grisly injury with instant replay and multiple camera angles to remind us what kind of sacrifices the soccer gods demand.

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