Zinedine Zidane already knows he will be sacked as Real Madrid manager

Ethan Tait

Real Madrid is the biggest club in the world next to Manchester United. The big name signings, the beautiful Santiago Bernabeu, and the tainted history make the club the ideal destination for any footballer dreaming of success. 

With success comes an inherent sacrifice and that sacrifice is usually the job of the manager. A slight drop in form can spell out the firing of the coach and a new set of Galacticos.

Most expensive Galacticos in Real Madrid history:

Since the start of the 21st century, Real Madrid has gone through 12 managers, Zinedine Zidane being the 13th. The longest manager stay was Vicente del Bosque who experienced great success (trophy wise) in the longest term as manager with 233 games in charge of the club.

Real Madrid has never had patience because under the club’s philosophy, big spending should immediately equate to big success, which isn’t always the case in football (i.e Leicester City). Great chemistry and similarly great managing can upset the most expensive sides in the world.

Shoutouts to Watford against Manchester United.

When a manager takes charge at Real, you know your destiny before you even manage a match. The question always is: how long will I be here for?

Real Madrid is the football equivalent of a one-night stand. You have the opportunity to take her to bed, knowing she’s out of your league and that come morning she’s already taken an Uber back to her apartment, so you appreciate the situation for what it is and then move on despite how hard it may be.

The French midfield legend has coached Los Blancos in 37 matches since the sacking of Carlo Ancelotti and has a record of 28-7-2 with 100 goals scored and 34 conceded. This is stuff of legends as even with a side packed with talent, getting Real Madrid to have such consistency is quite impressive.

Real Madrid has stuttered in their past four matches with four consecutive draws with the run of form expected to continue without Casemiro in the center of the park. Zidane quite possibly could be looking at an earlier exit than expected.

I am not afraid of being fired. Anyway, it will happen.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I have an incredible opportunity, I am happy with what I do. I enjoy my job, which is not always easy.


With Real Madrid under a transfer ban because they’ve actually been caught for the sketchy shit they’ve been doing for decades, Zidane will find it even more difficult to win without his star pupil, Casemiro, in the center of midfield.


We’ll see how long the Frenchman is able to survive at the helm until Fiorentino Perez gets sick of him and wants something new to replace him.

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