The greatest shot of the year came from the Tour

I realize it’s only February but the shot of the year has been taken…a shot on the Tour nonetheless.

The shot below was not only went in but forced a playoff. Ethan Tracy, the lucky guy who struck the shot, eventually ended up winning the playoff. Without further adieu, here’s the shot:

The Tour’s tweet sums it up perfectly – it doesn’t get much cooler than this. Not only did Tracy drain a 100 yard shot to force the playoff, but he won on a 20 foot putt.

I thought last week when the Patriots came back to win from 25 points, that that was the craziest thing I’ve seen in sports. But after seeing this, it looks like I’ll be needing a seatbelt to watch sports in 2017. It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Possibly the best part in this whole win was the post hole celebration, complete with popping some bottles of champagne. How else would you celebrate such a marvelous win? Check it out here:

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