John Daly has finally brought his temper tantrum game to the Champions Tour

John Daly joined the Champions Tour last year and has been pretty mild. The man who once made an 18 on a par-five, has finally brought his renegade behavior to the old man’s club.

JD continued his longstanding tradition of sending offending clubs to a watery grave at the Allianz Championship. According to Links Magazine, Daly pulled out of the event due to back trouble, chucking his flatstick in the drink on the way out.

Whether you think John Daly is an aging birthday party clown and disgrace to the game of golf or a model of what golfers should be like, you have to admit Long John is entertaining. There’s no way the putter toss even approaches the Wild Thing’s best work, however.

Fun fact: The man who reportedly gambled away more than $50 million has a particular penchant for misbehavior at the Australian Open. In 2002, he chucked a putter into the water, refused to sign his scorecard and verbally abused a volunteer. In 2008, he smashed a spectator’s camera.

In 2011 (the incident on video below) JD hit seven balls in the water and stomped off the course.

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