The one thing that can save the EFL Cup


The EFL Cup experiment is proving a bit of a disaster. Who wants to go and see an U21 side? Not many if the tiny crowds are anything to go by.

The League Cup is becoming an irrelevance, an irritant for the big clubs in these days of mega-money spinning European nights and the once-revered FA Cup is in danger of going the same way.

Sure, the clubs will pay lip service to the notion of wanting to win every competition that they’ve entered, want to enjoy the thrill of a big day out at Wembley.

But even that privilege – once considered the high point of any player’s career – has been watered down by semi-finals being played on the hallowed turf.

The pressure on fans’ pockets is just becoming too great and despite price reductions on the gate, it’s still too much to go and see what is essentially a youth team side – that you could normally see for nothing.

While the SPL sides are just playing their U20 sides in that competition too, the suits have come up with an idea to make the Scottish Irn-Bru Challenge Cup a bit more entertaining, however, with the inclusion of non-League and a couple of Welsh and Northern Irish sides added to the mix.

A similar format was tried before in the early 1970s with the Texaco Cup, but why not try it again by scrapping the League Cups and starting again with a new competition featuring sides from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the Republic of Ireland?

That would surely add some spice and interest. It would, however, be an administrative nightmare and add more pressure to an already stretched fixture list.

But as the great Brian Clough pointed out over 30 years ago, we’re being exposed to too much football on TV and there is too much preaching from pundits.

And it’s a lot worse now than it ever was then.

Watch Clough destroying a young John Motson here.

What do you think?

Should the League Cups be scrapped and replaced with a British and Irish Cup?

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