Joey Barton’s antics are tarnishing football

Ethan Tait

The villain is a pivotal role in the game of football. Some maintain the role for a period of time like David Beckham following his sending off in the 1998 World Cup. Others play the role for off-field issues like the inappropriate shagging squad of John Terry and Ryan Giggs. A select few are able to sustain this villainous status indefinitely like Eric Cantona, Pepe, and Diego Costa. 

There’s a difference between being a villain and simply being an ass and that difference is Joey Barton.

For the most part, Joey Barton has been a dumbass throughout his career, a face that I’ve always wanted to punch, and a prick that seems to overstay his welcome in each team he’s played for.

He’s the Conor McGregor of football without the ability to backup any of the stupid shit he manages to say.

Barton has been everywhere in his not so illustrious career playing for Manchester City, Newcastle United, Queens Park Rangers, Burnley, Marseille, and now Rangers.

In reality, his only claim to fame was winning Man $hitty’s Young Player of the year award at the end of the 2003/04 season. But it didn’t really mean much as City hadn’t been injected with foreign money yet and the best player in the side was Nicolas Anelka.

Barton has made of career of pissing off his employers and creating controversy wherever he’s gone, but his latest stunts may signal the end for the man who has a single cap for England.

After being very critical of Rangers and getting into an argument with manager, Mark Warburton, Barton was suspended for a week. Then, being an ass, he decided it would be a good idea to use a radio show to rant and not produce any sort of apology. That resulted in further suspension.

To add insult to injury, Joey Barton has been hit with an investigation regarding his involvement in sports betting this year. Things have managed to go from shit to worse for Barton.

There is one good thing going for Barton at the moment, at least he’s not Adam Johnson.

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