Italy Introduces Bizarre New Rule That Could Ruin Soccer

Ethan Tait

Italians typically play football in a very boring, hard hitting, defensive style. The influx of foreign players into Serie A has changed the style for the better, with more free flowing football being the result. Teams like Juventus hold onto the Italian style at the back, but noticeable alterations have been made. 

The small adjustments to Italian football have made Serie A bearable to watch, but it turns out Serie B has other ideas to completely eradicate the Italian football identity.

Last season, Serie B introduced the green card which is an attempt to promote sportsmanship, kindess, and butterflies and rainbows.

The initiative is really just a big fucking waste of time. Making Italian football more enjoyable is one thing, trying to make Italians nice something completely different and wrong.

I don’t see many green cards getting handed out, like America if Trump is elected, but the premise is just stupid. Stopping play to give something that doesn’t count for anything is completely unnecessary.

When playing in Serie B, friendship and earning a green card aren’t on any player’s mind as promotion is the singular goal. Wins are the name of the game, not who has the most kindness points.

Football isn’t girl scouts.

Evidently, there’s an award at the end of the season for the player with the most green cards. Is that something to be proud of as a player?

In my mind, it is an award for being soft.

What happens if this implemented in all leagues across Europe?

A player like Diego Costa or Pepe wouldn’t be able to survive and would be suspended so often that they wouldn’t be worth having on your squad.

As much as hate Diego Costa, I wouldn’t want that intensity and passion to leave the game. Although it may be unlikely that something would be implemented across Europe, we can’t take that chance and let football go soft.

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