When 2 become Spieth One: Jordan Spieth, Kelly Rohrbach join forces for promo

Under Armour must know what they have on their hands with Jordan Spieth and the new Spieth One (Spieth None) golf shoe. That’s to say: Not much.

Jordan has been “on tour” with his first shoe launch (who needs a whole tour for a shoe?), starting in Tokyo and Korea. Now he’s made his way to the West Coast, where even the abundant beauty can’t help this shoe.

Better call in a swimsuit model with a tenuous connection to professional golf for reinforcements! Jordan Spieth was joined by Kelly Rohrbach in Malibu Monday night to promote the Spieth One, which launches March 1.

As you can see from the photos, after the usual promotional banter, Spieth and Rohrbach faced off in a putting competition in which she was subjected to actually putting her feet in a pair of the monstrosities.

(Photo source/Under Armour)
(Photo source/Under Armour)

Seriously, they look like three different teams designed each third of the shoe without talking to each other, glued the pieces together and added a piece of duct tape.

? & ⛳️?️

Can’t beat it. #SpiethOne pic.twitter.com/FatUJeURPu

Doubtless these shoes are awful, but when you hear “Spieth One” what do you think? Probably something more along the lines of the kicks below, right? (No offense KUCH)

(Photo source/Sketchers)
(Photo source/Sketchers)

Rohrbach was quite a sensation at Pebble Beach last week. The soon-to-be Baywatcher plays to a seven handicap. And despite her weird follow-through, she can clearly play, as evidenced by this clean pick from the beach.

They don’t call it pebble beach for nothing!

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If, for some godforsaken reason, you’re interested in seeing more of the Spieth One, here’s a video from UA.

And we all know you want to see more of Kelly Rohrbach.. enjoy.

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