York City makes stunning managerial blunder

Ethan Tait

Some managerial appointments make little to no sense like Chelsea bringing back Jose Mourinho for a second stint at the club, David Moyes attempting to replace Sir Alex Ferguson, and Louis van Gaal trying to replace David Moyes to replace Fergie. You wonder what the actual fuck is going through board members’ minds when decisions like these are made. 

For top flight clubs, it is a little bit easier to replace a manager as they have the resources, the appeal, and a much larger pool of applicants in comparison to say a club like York City in the English fifth division.

Things hadn’t been going well for the club who had just been relegated from League 2 and sat at the bottom of the league in 19th, meaning that they’re absolute shite. Current manager Jack McNamara was sacked for his lack of management ability and his inability to prevent his players from showing up drunk to training.

York City being in the English fifth division didn’t have too many options or managers running to get take the post, so the club managed to do the unthinkable; they hired Jack McNamara as the interim manager of the club.

That’s not really how it’s supposed to go.

Usually, once a manager is sacked, another important coaching figure from the club like an assistant manager or the reserve side’s manager is given an interim position. That’s like United saying to David Moyes “we know you’ve royally fucked up, but continue to fuck up to give us time to find a manager.”

The club issued a statement regarding the sacking and then reappointment of Jackie McNamara,

It has been decided, in the best interest of York City football club, that Jackie McNamara step down as first team manager. Performances, in the main, have not been acceptable nor have they achieved the high standards expected.

In order to assist the managerial transition period and to accommodate a thorough identification, interview and appointment process, the chairman has asked Jackie McNamara to train and prepare the team until a suitable candidate has been determined. This process should be completed within two weeks.

York City

Is everyone that desperate for a headline these days?

The club could have just waited two weeks, expedited the interview process and then sacked him. But they chose to be a sports journalist’s dream and do something incredibly stupid.

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