Someone is definitely getting sacked at QPR’s PR department

Ben Mountain

Queens Park Rangers fans have been left red-faced thanks to a recent PR campaign that will go horribly wrong.

QPR haven’t had a great start to the season. A string of losses and draws following a 6-0 home thrashing at the hands of Newcastle United, this time last month, was only broken by an unconvincing away win to Fulham at the beginning of October. And with their gaffer, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, recently being caught up in one of many corruption allegations – fans have had little to cheer for.

So thank the heavens the QPR PR department have come to the rescue. This is pure genius…

Fuck me, how do they think of this stuff?

Just imagine the conversation that must have happened to come up with that mind-blowing slogan.

The fans ain’t making any noise, guys. What are we gonna tell them to change that?

‘Make some noise’, gaffer?

No, we can’t believe it either.

Thankfully, however, QPR CEO (excuse the excessive acronyms) Lee Hoos has cleared things up for us. He told the club website that:

“Loftus Road is a stadium renowned for its unique matchday atmosphere. However, the general feeling amongst the supporters is that it’s lost its way a bit in recent years.

We’re encouraging the Rangers supporters to make as much noise as they possibly can throughout the 90-plus minutes on a matchday, because it really does make a difference.”

Hmm. Thanks for that, Lee. The conclusion from the board therefore is that fans should try and make noise during a football game.

How insightful.

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Either QPR have some god awful fans or this idea has really been a big; poorly approved, balls-up.

With Saturday bringing their first home game after the launch of this subtle and faultless campaign, only time will tell as to how those in W12 will react. Personally, I’d make as little noise as possible to undermine the ‘make some noise’ philosophy shoved down the Hoops’ throats.

Whatever happens, let’s hope things at Loftus Road don’t get too raucous on Saturday. But if they do, who knows, West Ham might even pick up the initiative soon…

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