Tiger Woods continues to struggle, pulls out of Genesis press conference

Issues for Tiger Woods continue to mount. Not only has Tiger withdrawn from this week’s Genesis Open, but now injuries are so bad he withdrew from his press conference.

The reason is the same, the 14 time major winner can’t even sit with the media because of back-spasms.

(Source/Daily Express)


Now, Tiger had withdrawn from playing the Riviera tournament Friday, but as host of the event had hoped to answer questions today. That won’t be the case though, as doctors tell Woods he should refrain from all activity. Poor Eldrick must be doing pretty bad if he can’t even sit in a chair and answer questions. It remains unclear if Tiger will make any appearance at the Genesis Open.

Tiger also withdrew from next week’s Honda Classic, the fifth tournament he was supposed to play in the past month. The schedule may have been too ambitious for a man returning from two back surgeries. We aren’t talking about just any mortal though, we are talking about Tiger Woods. What will the future hold for Woods?

In Dubai, Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg had troubling news for Woods fans:

“It’s not the nerve pain that has kept him out for so long. It’s a back spasm. He just can’t get it to calm down.”

That is a troubling statement, because the injury is something new. Tiger has struggled for so long with the nerve pain, that any additional injury bodes well for nobody. I think if Tiger has any hope of making a return, he needs to slow down. Why does Tiger need to say he will play but withdraw from the tourney? What a terrible sports tease.

We hope Tiger can space out his play for his own benefit, maybe playing once or twice per month. At least until he’s got a handle on his health.

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