Real Madrid Reaches $440 Million Deal To Turn Stadium Into Futuristic Paradise

Ethan Tait

Real Madrid is the one of the most successful football clubs in history with a 11 European titles, 32 La Liga titles, 19 Copa del Rey cups, and the stealing of Alfredo di Stefano from FC Barcelona to thank for it. 

The club is a financial giant and plays in one of the most historic stadiums in all of the world, the Santiago Bernabeu. Originally built in 1947, the stadium has seen many of the most historic triumphs in Real Madrid history, but it has been decided that some changes need to be made.

Despite being renovated and expanded quite recently, Real Madrid obviously isn’t satisfied.

Fiorentino Perez, who is never afraid to spend money, announced that the stadium would be given a more modern look in order to beat their bitter rivals, FC Barcelona, in building their updated stadium first.


The project has been in the works for sometime, but Real Madrid finally came to an agreement with the city government of Madrid (like it actually matters). As much political finagling that Real Madrid had to do to push this through will all be worth it when the final product is finally completed in 2020.


The stadium look like something out of a science fiction movie, a spacecraft from the future that’ll cost €400 million or pocket change for the world’s biggest club.

The never satisfied Fiorentino Perez spoke about the stadium plans and said,

We will see a dramatic transformation of the Santiago Bernabéu.With this agreement we will start a process of modernization and transformation that will convert the stadium in to an avant-garde architectural icon.

Fiorentino Perez, President of Real Madrid

A trip to see both these stadiums will be necessary as money will not be spared in creating these start of the art renovations. These stadiums will be the Picassos of the stadium world on display for the world of football to enjoy until the next set of renovations.

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