England’s only saving grace is that they aren’t Scotland


Let’s get something straight – if you’re on a six-figure salary A WEEK you should be Superman. Superhuman. Superb. Or at least be able to kick a ball with BOTH FEET.

There is nothing more infuriating than watching a bunch of overpaid, over-pampered, twining rich boys prancing pathetically around a football pitch knocking the ball sideways and backwards with no other purpose than retaining possession.

And I’m talking about England here.


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I’m tired of watching TV presenters and former pros defending this dross by peddling out lines that the former Soviet propaganda machine would have been proud of.

‘They sat in deep and made it hard to play through.’ Then get it wide and stretch them. Parrot the same old tired lines to a hungry media. Play it safe. Say nothing controversial.

Football is best when it is played as an extension of the player’s imagination. It seems that there isn’t much going on in these heads beyond the pages of a coaching manual. It’s robotic, frozen by the fear factor and, let’s be frank, BORING.

You can train to kick a ball with both feet. All you need is a brick wall and you kick against it with alternate feet. Well, that and a simple desire to make yourself a better player

Don’t let your patriotism overcloud the fact that England are SHIT with an entertainment factor of ZERO. Remove your love for the country and take a step back. Would you pay £45 to watch this abysmal shower at your local ground? Of course not. You’d go once and say it wasn’t worth the money.

You can’t blame the players for taking the cash. They’d be mad not too. But you could be a lot less critical if they weren’t earning the GDP of an African country.

England’s saving grace is they aren’t bloody Scotland.

But then most of those lads aren’t on salaries that have merely become a string of zeroes.

And neither are Slovenia.

It’s the mega-cash dodgy deals, power-crazed businessmen and hungry agents that are ruining the game.

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