Ernie Els tells off Trump haters after being teased by friends

Over the weekend, Donald Trump took some business to the golf course by playing a round with the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe. What you may not know, is that Ernie Els, a four-time major champion, was present that day as well.

How Ernie got that prestigious invitation is beyond me, but apparently a bunch of his friends who aren’t the biggest supporters of the President gave him an earful about it. Clearly, he wasn’t bothered by it.

At the press conference ahead of the Genesis Open this week, Els spoke to a Wall Street Journal reporter and decided to divulge his recent friend drama to the world.

“A lot of my own friends were not for him. They kind of needled me a little bit, saying I was a suck-up. I just said, ‘Go eff yourself. I played with the president and you haven’t.’ You can’t please everybody.”

Ernie Els

Here’s the answer to how he got the invitation: Ernie Els is a member at Mar-A-Lago Club (one of Trump’s Florida resorts) where they were playing and was asked to join by David Trout, the club’s director of golf, who completed the foursome.

Els told the media that he accepted the invitation out of respect and that it was “almost surreal”. He called Trump a “proper golfer”, whatever the hell that means, and said that the match ended in a tie.

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If the match ended in anything but a tie, we might have seen WWIII declared that night. No but seriously, if Trump lost I wouldn’t put it past him to tweet about it and then press the big red button.

The European Tour recently punked their pros by putting out a fake reporter onto a tee box and let the awkward interviews begin. Well, someone took a part of that video and added it to the awkwardly long (19 seconds to be exact) handshake the Prime Minister and the President had earlier at the White House.

It’s scary how well the two clips fit together and it’s actually hilarious.

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This was when Abe gave Trump the most expensive driver in the game. Maybe the next time these two play, they’ll be playing on one of the most expensive golf courses too. Are you laughing at that too? The only place Trump will play golf is at one of his courses/resorts.

Just in case though, here are the 20 most expensive golf courses in the world..

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