WATCH: World Champion football freestyler juggles with the craziest items!

Andrew Henderson is a world-class freestyler, and by world-class, we mean four-time World Champion. And yet – cue name-drop – the guy is an even better bloke than he is freestyler, as CLICKON Soccer found out, filming Hendo around London Tuesday 11th of October.

The freestyler was wandering around Soho, ordering flowers on top of his head ? – legend.

Source: CLICKON Instagram

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“Two bunches of flowers, and a bouquet of banter, please”… certainly caught the eye of Tommy Shelby and Peter Crouch in the background

Still, aside from Hendo’s all-round willingness to please the crowd… the freestyler totally wowed everyone, when he decided to do keepie-uppies with anything from a toilet roll to a bloody Celebrations Twix chocolate bar.

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One word: baller.

I mean, I struggle to ‘keep it up’… with my left-foot, let alone doing it with a tiny chocolate bar. And as for the satsuma, peeling the fucker doesn’t always exactly go like clockwork. So, juggling the little orange number was something special.

Henderson went one further, and rather than just trying to teach all your average Joes how to freestyle, he even taught TOWIE’s very own, James Argent, how to chirps a couple of lovely looking ladies outside a coffee shop.

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Is there an end to the man’s talents? After the shoot, he casually dropped in how he needed to rush to a shoot in Madrid, to film with Cristiano Ronaldo!

Modest, skilful, and good with women. Does he do prototypes?

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