WATCH: Two players dab DURING a game

We’ve all dabbed. We’ve all dabbed in random places. We’ve all dabbed at the most totally unnecessary times; a nightclub, the office, the toilet…the list is endless.

We often see a ‘Paul Pogba-esque’ dab come from footballers celebrating, or Pogba just generally dabbing at the hairdressers.

But, these lads playing for Free State Stars, in South Africa, actually took dabbing to the next level. They dabbed during a game, with the match right in the balance at 3-2.

We’re surprised the players’ teammates didn’t keel over with laughter ?.

The second dab is done with full conviction. People can normally butcher the famous movement though a rather wooden technique, but the second chap, Pule Mmodi, has it down to an absolute tee.

Still, was it disrespectful? Or just pure gold entertainment? Stars such as Neymar have been called out for showboating during matches, because who wants to see a boring trick such as flicking a ball over an opponent’s head?… zzzzz.

We’d prefer to see the above sort of move… ‘The Danger Dab’; not a one-two, a one-dab; not a give-and-go, a give-and-dab.


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These boys aren’t alone with a dabbing obsession in the football world, as some people just can’t help themselves…

1) Young Leicester fan

What a celebration! We love the fact he doesn’t know the cameras are on him, and the little lad has just totally lost the plot. The boy’s neck must have hurt as well after that brilliance.

2) Manchester City mascot

God I remember watching this live, and completely wetting myself. You can tell the kid sees the camera, and just thinks to himself – ‘should I, shouldn’t I?… yeah go on then’. Brilliant.

3) Kings of the Dab

We have to end with this one, as two legends in the trademark move, became the greatest ‘dabble-act’ after Paul Pogba’s first Man United goal this season. Poetry.

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