The ‘snake’ XI who didn’t mind committing the ultimate football sin

A snake is easily described in one sentence

“A scamming backstabber. Someone who does something just to get something out of it”.

Urban Dictionary

Well, that phrase stinks of these footballers, here. To kiss the badge of one club, and then to toss off the badge of another = a traitor. Where’s your loyalty, lads?!

The trending theme amongst the backstabbers is that they generally play upfront – #greedy – so the formation we’ve gone for reflects an all-out attack; 2-4-4. You know the type; when you’re 3-1 down on FIFA, or way behind in your Fantasy Football League.

Any players you think we’re missing?

Sol Campbell’s move was vindicated, as the England centre-back went onto become an Invincible. However, the former Newcastle United man still gets abuse today, and Spurs fans still sing less than thankful chants about their former captain.

Luis Figo can probably not walk down the streets of Barcelona alone. And you have to hope Fabian Delph didn’t leave anything behind in Birmingham that he needs to go back for.

With all these stories reaching next level vitriol, you have to ask yourselves: was it really worth the hassle?

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