Guy pulls savage prank on sexist golf club, calls members “dinosaurs”

The news on this Muirfield decision is getting way too drawn out. The vote to allow women into the club should have passed the first time around, but it didn’t.

The club announced that it would have a revote after being removed from the Open rota of courses. Even with the 64% that voted for women, it didn’t quite make it to the two thirds majority it needed.

Well, bookmaker Paddy Power decided to pull a prank on these “dinosaurs” by putting a much needed sign on the gates to Muirfield. The sign read “Welcome to Jurassic Park”, with a sign off PP on the bottom.

Power made a statement after hanging the sign:

“The decision last May to not admit female members was about as progressive as a Donald Trump policy, and unsurprisingly it’s driven a wedge between stuffy members and the outside world.

While Muirfield members bury their heads in the sand this time round, we thought we’d prod the beast with our Jurassic sign.”

He hopes that this sign will be a sort of wakeup call to those that didn’t vote for female members the first time around. Some may say this is a bit extreme and some may say it’s not extreme enough.

Women have been getting the blunt end of the stick for a long time with golf. For gods sake the name has it’s own sexist background, with the supposed acronym standing for “Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden”. While this may be just an urban legend for the origin of the name, the fact is it’s widely known.

One anonymous member had this to say:

“It must be acknowledged that many of the next generation will find it difficult to be a member of a club that excludes women. The world is changing.”

While this sentiment may be true, Paddy Power is still not convinced the club will make the right decision. We’ll have to wait until March to see if the dinosaurs will keep roaming the Earth or if the meteor will finally hit them on the head.

The inglorious history of women on the cover of Golf Digest:

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