Teenager snubs Manchester United for English fifth division

Ethan Tait

Being an Arsenal fan, Manchester United has always been a rival; Sir Alex Ferguson against Arsene Wenger, Roy Keane against Patrick Vieria. I’ve always had a huge respect for the club or the club it once before the rough years following the departure of Fergie.

But despite my fandom, if Manchester United wanted to sign me I wouldn’t ask any questions. However, a teenager by the name of Idris Kanu had other ideas.

Kanu is a product the famed West Ham academy that has produced the likes of Frank Lampard, John Terry, Joe Cole, and Rio Ferdinand and had a trial at Manchester United where he balled out for the U18 side.

Oh, by the way, Idris Kanu is only 16 years old.

Instead of staying at the Manchester United academy, Kanu thought it was a good idea to pursue first-team football. For the love of God, why doesn’t someone instruct this kid on not being a complete dumbass?

Most likely being influenced by the likes of Karamoko Dembele and Mustafa Kapi, Kanu upped and left Manchester United hanging in order to take his talents to the English fifth division and Aldershot Town.

The boy wanted first-team football and found it, but I don’t agree with the decision, by any means.

I can’t say I know too much about the English fifth division, but I can assume that the level of play in the U18 side of Manchester United is probably higher. Playing first-team minutes is great, but do can they contribute all that much?

Being under the watchful eye of world-class United coaches could only help the boy improve that much more as a footballer.

5 footballers who never reached their full potential:

Here we see the other end of the spectrum of a young player that is obviously talented, but wants to rush the process of making the jump to the first team. A player like Christian Pulisic made his debut at 17 years old, but gradually worked his way up through the ranks of Borussia Dortmund.

You can’t rush the process, homie.

Idris Kanu could be a huge success in the lower leagues and slowly work his way up to the top flight or he could disappear and forever regret the decision to reject Manchester United.

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