Batshuayi showed us inside his house and it’s every kid’s dream

Ryan Benson

Take a moment to imagine you’re a 23-year-old Premier League footballer. You’re paid an obscene amount of money every week and you can literally (pretty much) buy anything you want. What do you buy?

A fully-detailed Darth Vader costume would be pretty high up my list, not to mention however many FIFA Ultimate Team packs it takes before Lionel Messi appears.

darth vader force subway

But what about Chelsea striker, Michy Batshuayi?


Having fun in my personal museum ?? don’t judge my slippers ? #AlwaysGoodVibes #MB23 #DBZ

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That’s right – Batshuayi has let the whole world in on his, well…his own little world.  Seemingly bored of splashing endless amounts of money on flashy cars and, what I can only assume, is a bloody monstrous mansion, the Belgian is putting together every child’s dream. A real-life Toy Story, if you will.

Big toys.


















(Via Instagram)

Little toys.


















(Via Instagram)

Slippers you’d associate with a seven-year-old.


















(Via Instagram)

shocked toy story jaw drop

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In fairness, Batshuayi isn’t exactly seeing much match time at Chelsea this season, so he has to occupy his time with something.

But you have to wonder; how much restraint does it take to have all of that lot in a cabinet and not get them out? Oh, the difficult decisions of the modern millionaire.

Either way, Michy; you’re doing this life thing right.

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