Sergio Aguero ordered ‘to leave’ the Argentinian national side

Ethan Tait

Argentina were supposed to be saved again with Lionel Messi convinced by new coach Edgardo Bauza to return to La Selección. But an injury to the Barcelona maestro forced the team into playing without him and you can almost always assume that isn’t going to go well. 

In attack, Argentina is one of the most talented teams on paper with the likes of Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, Paulo Dybala, and Angel di Maria leading the line, but it seems like putting on the shirt of the Albiceleste makes these world class players think that they’re shit.

Kun Aguero is at the top of the Premier League goal scoring charts nearly every year, Gonazlo Higuain broke the scoring record for Serie A, Paulo Dybala is an absolute menace on the ball for Juventus, and Angel di Maria is one of the more dangerous wingers in football.

Is living in the shadow of Lionel Messi too much to handle?

The injury to Lionel Messi put the Manchester City man into the starting XI for the recent World Cup qualifiers. With the season Aguero has been having, I didn’t think the Argentina shirt would force him into playing so poorly.

A missed penalty in the match against Paraguay sums up Aguero’s performance for Argentina. One announcer wasn’t having any of Sergio Aguero’s poor performance in saying,

¡Basta, basta, basta, basta! Basta Aguero, váyase Aguero por Dios, váyase. Váyase Aguero por el amor de Dios. ¡Váyase!

Angry Argentinean Commentator

This commentator was not holding back anything following the penalty miss by Aguero. What the commentator said translates to, “Enough, enough, enough, enough! Enough Aguero, for God’s sake leave Aguero, leave. For the love of God, leave Aguero. Leave!”

In the same breath, the commentator said that Aguero was stopped like an amateur, that one definitely has to hurt the Manchester City man’s ego.

Higuain isn’t looking too bad in the eyes of Argentina fans now. But in all honestly, why is the announcer getting so frustrated over a penalty miss? Messi seems to do that quite frequently and is still regarded as a God in the country.

Following his poor performance, Sergio Aguero spoke to press regarding his play in an Argentina shirt.

Things didn’t go as planned. I missed a penalty. It wasn’t my day as I didn’t achieve what I wanted to do. I sometimes feel that I’m a bad player although that doesn’t happen there [in England]. I will come up with something in order to prove that I can do it. I’m trying to adapt to the new tactics. I must continue to think that this will change.”

Sergio Aguero

Fortunately for Aguero, the return of Lionel Messi will remove him from the pitch once again and put his ass back on the bench. He had his chance and it was lost, now Argentina must return to abusing their first choice scapegoat, Gonzalo Higuain.

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