Paulina Gretzky’s announcement only adds to DJ’s success

Dustin Johnson won at the Genesis Open this past weekend, which catapulted him into the World No. 1 spot, but an announcement made only days before might be even better.

Paulina Gretzky, DJ’s partner and mother to son Tatum, announced that she is pregnant with baby number two. Getting married before having kids is so overrated, at least in this household, and they couldn’t seem happier.

The announcement came in the form of a sweet Instagram post by Paulina, with the caption “Coming soon..”. Their new puppy Perla was involved, as well:

coming soon…❤️??

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I’m sure Dustin knew before the world did, but could this news have added a certain something that DJ needed to win the tournament? Maybe he was on some kind of happiness high that lead him to victory. Thoughts of having the perfect foursome is every golfers dream and now it could be a reality for this pro.

Either way, the news only added to the fact that now this little family has all of the security in the world. With this win alone, DJ pocketed $1,260,000 in purse money. Not to mention he won almost $500 grand at Pebble Beach the week before. Money was never really an issue but when you’re expecting another mouth to feed, it’s always nice to make more.

Dustin has taken the demons from his past and turned them into victories for his future. It wasn’t too long ago that he would be out partying with his brother, celebrating the win and doing unmentionable activities. Now he has a family to support and he’s focusing his energy towards the next win.

His trainer, Joey Diovisalvi, divulged that DJ has a new outlook on life and he will do anything to be (and stay) at World No. 1:

“He’s looking at golf differently than he has before. He’s in a place where every aspect of his life has that consistency.”

It seems like Dustin Johnson has the mindset to be No. 1, and so he deserves to be No. 1.

With Paulina on the prego bend, let’s take a look back at her in dime condition.

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