Chelsea signs unlikely target to 15 year deal

Ethan Tait

Chelsea is known for stockpiling top talent, loaning them out for first team experience, and then selling them when the players haven’t progressed as planned. Talent is lost at Chelsea, but the Blues have made a huge signing that they won’t let slip through the cracks. 

After 10 years of being sponsored by Adidas, Chelsea and the brand have parted ways as Nike has offered a deal that Roman Abramovich couldn’t pass up.

Nike gave the middle finger to Adidas and doubled the payout for the West London side and have agreed to terms on deal worth $75 million a season. Not quite up there with the deals of Real Madrid and Manchester United, but it works.

Chelsea and Adidas came to terms to get out of the contract. Chelsea will pay a hefty sum to cancel the contract, but it’s not like Abramovich actually cares. The bastard probably wipes his ass with $100 bills because he can and because he probably hates America, being Russian and all.

More money into the club could possibly help the current situation of Antonio Conte who looks to continue the form of last year in finishing just around midtable and finding themselves out of Europe once again.

We’ll see how long he actually lasts at the helm.

But big money talent could find its way to Stamford Bridge once again as this deal just gives the club more money to wave at players who really don’t give a damn about trophies anymore. When you’re getting overpaid for your talent, who gives a damn about winning the Champions League.

We’ll see how the deal works out as Chelsea isn’t known for its loyalty and 15 years in an eternity for Abramovich. There will most likely be a switch to Puma and then back to Adidas to start the vicious circle over again.

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