Big money Manchester United signing to be sold by Christmas

Ethan Tait

The Manchester clubs took it upon themselves to try and outdo each other in summer transfer window, spending nearly a combined $400 million. World class talent was bought by both sides and far too much money was spent on Paul Pogba, but despite the shaky start to his return to Manchester, one player stands out as the most underwhelming signing for the Red Devils. 

Following a fantastic season in a Borussia Dortmund shirt, Henrikh Mkhitaryan was supposed to be signing that connected the rest together and be that creative outlet on the flank that Manchester United had been missing since the end of the reign of Sir Alex Ferguson.

Man United fans were buzzing at the opportunity to see the big money signing in an United shirt, but quite the opposite has been true since his arrival.

Injuries has hindered the Armenian midfielder’s impact thus far, but once he was on the pitch he seemed sheepish and unproductive. His 19 goals and 24 assist in 49 appearances in all competitions for Dortmund last year speak for themselves, but can Mourinho have the patience to ease the oft-injured man into the lineup?

I see Mkhitaryan as a player who needs the love and support of those around him constantly to be at his best. He’s essentially a needy girlfriend and I don’t see Mourinho as the type to deal with a needy woman.

The last Dortmund player to make the jump to Manchester United didn’t pan out too well. Shinji Kagawa left the club only to return to Dortmund after two seasons in the Premier League. I don’t see Mkhitaryan faring much better.

I realized players need time to adjust when coming to England from another league, no other league is quite as strenuous and the Prem, but a team like Manchester United forces you to adjust on the run.

United is a club that doesn’t have time for you to take your sweet time, they expect to win…or at least they do now.

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