WATCH: Franck Ribery forced to retire after fan makes fool of him

Frank Ribery, the Bayern Munich man has actually been more embarrassed in a local kickabout, than the Frenchman in a dentist practice.

The attacking-midfielder was peacefully enjoying his retirement from international duty, until the No.7 was made to look like a total villager by a fan in a game of bounce.

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What a bloody turn. And the Bayern man even tried a trip after the lad passed him; cheeky fucker.

Ribery’s no real stranger to looking a bit silly. Who remembers that time when the Frenchman was too self-conscious about his height, so had to hand over his mascot to Thomas Muller ?.

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Or that awkward/hilariously funny moment the Bayern Munich boys decided to play a game of ‘let’s run after Franck, and try and cover him in beer which totally goes against his religion’.

Not particularly PC of the Munich lads, but seriously amusing to watch.

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We’ll let the midfielder have the last laugh. The time when he decided to act as a mannequin and then scare people was possibly one of the best footballers moment. Pure gold dust.

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Keep up the work either getting embarrassed, or showing people up, Franck, it provides a lot of entertainment.

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