The R&A is actually doing something to speed up the pace of play

Common sense could be coming to professional golf…or at least amateur golf.

The Scotsman’s Martin Dempster reports R&A chief Martin Slumbers will implement “ready golf” at this year’s British Amateur Championship.

Source: Royal St. Georges Golf Club
Source: Royal St. Georges Golf Club

Slumbers also called on tortoise-paced Jason Day to serve as a “role model” for picking up the pace of play at the professional level, rather than digging in the heels of his Adidas golf shoes.

The R&A took a stance in favor of ready golf last year, and it looks to be serious about the practice. Rather than players hitting in turn based on whose farthest from the hole, the governing body suggests whoever is ready ought to hit.

The Amateur Championship will feature ready golf this year, Slumbers announced, debuting at the 36-hole qualifying for the event at Royal St. George’s in June.

“Pace of play is something that we’ve been talking about extensively in the last 12 months,” said Slumbers, talking to the media briefing in St Andrews. “The more evidence that I’ve seen this year, the more I’m going to continue talking about it because I think it is increasingly important to the development of the game.”

Sing it, Martin! Slumbers continued dropping truth bombs.

“When you get to the professional level, there’s no doubt in my mind that the professionals are role models, and they are fantastic role models for young people. They’re healthy, they’re fit, they’re strong and they’ve got unbelievable skill. “But part of that role model is pace of play, and there is no doubt that younger generations take a steer from them. So I think I would just encourage the Tour pros to realise that pace of play is part of them being that role model, and it’s not helpful to growing the amateur game when the youngsters are slowing down.”

Damn right! We’d love to see the same sort of sensibility from the governing body on the other side of the pond. USGA, are you listening?

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