Ian Poulter once lost a gift that Arnold Palmer gave him

Ian Poulter once lost a $100 bill that he had the late Arnold Palmer sign for him. Don’t worry, this story has a happy ending.

Poulter and Palmer’s relationship goes way back. The punchy Brit has lived in Orlando for some years now, and so did Arnold Palmer. Two of Poulter’s kids were born at the Winnie Palmer Hospital, named after the late golfer’s wife. And of course, they saw each other at golf tournaments.

Well, one day Poulter had The King sign a $100 bill for him so he could have it framed. The golfer got the idea after seeing a famous picture of Palmer and Jack Nicklaus exchanging money. He was going to frame it, that is, until his wife spent the money.

Poulter recalled the story at the Wednesday press conference for the Honda Classic:

“She didn’t realize it was actually signed by Arnie. So it’s out there somewhere.”

“But it was shock and horror when I actually did go in to put it in the frame. You can imagine what I said: ‘Where has the $100 bill gone?’ ‘What hundred?’ So I go in there, and it’s not in there. She says, ‘I don’t know. I must have spent it.’”

He said she probably spent the money on groceries. Although a $1 bill signed by Arnie Palmie is on eBay, the $100 bill is not (I checked). Some lucky person has a precious piece of paper in their wallet, besides the fact that it’s a $100 buckaroonies.

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Poulter ended up calling Palmer and stopping by Bay Hill to have him sign another one. Apparently Palmer happily obliged, even when Poulter told him what had happened.

“I did tell him it was lost,” he laughed. “But I didn’t tell him she spent it on groceries.”

Why Poulter didn’t carry the bill on himself the whole time is beyond comprehension. These kinds of slip ups happen, but when you’re handling something signed by The King, you probably shouldn’t leave it laying around where your wife can mistake it for grocery money.

I think in a more sticky type of situation, Poulter would not handle dropping the soap very well..

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