The reason Gyasi Zardes dyes his hair is just brilliant

We all know that feeling… ‘Best check in with Nan, keep the old girl happy’. Nothing major, just a quick catch-up to let her know what’s news.

Well, Major League Soccer star, Gyasi Zardes shows us all up, and dyes his hair so that his grandparents can see him play from the stands.


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What a top, top statement from the LA Galaxy winger.

Most footballers – ahem Roberto Firmino, Raheem Sterling and Aaron Ramsey – just to name a few, have totally shit lids for absolutely no reason – no, Ramsey, it doesn’t make you any less boring having a blonde barnet – so the fact the American dyes his hair for his Gran and Grandad is just brilliant.

Rather than walking into the barbers and asking for a short, back and business – looks like loud, fluorescent and noticeable is the regular order of the day.


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To give an insight into what a legend the La Galaxy man is, the 25-year-old explains the reason behind the mohawk in an interview with KICK.

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Sadly for Zardes, the American is missing for the remainder of the 2016 season with a broken foot, so Grandma and Grandad have kept at a distance from the ground. Real shame for Zardes after LA Galaxy reached the Audi MLS Cup Playoffs.

We’ll see how they fair, but the American will be a big miss – although Galaxy should be alright with this pair around.

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