Key to Mario Balotelli’s success? Channeling inner postman

Ethan Tait

We are fortunate enough to be witnesses to greatness in the form of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the Renaissance of Raheem Sterling, the Chinese Super League buying any and all talent, and the curious case that is Mario Balotelli. The Italian striker has the ability to be amongst the world’s best, but instead has wasted years being an immature footballer with way too much money. 

Balotelli’s move to Nice has started far better than anyone could have imagined with six goals in his first five games. Mario has reminded us that he still can score goals.

But he also showed that he hasn’t matured all that much – in his most recent match for Nice he scored the game winner in the 86th minute, takes off his shirt, gets a yellow card, and then later gets sent off for another yellow just a few minutes later.

Typical Mario Balotelli.

Fortunately for the Italian, the red card was rescinded and he will be playing again this weekend for Nice.

Former manager and a man that had to deal with Balotelli at his creative best, Roberto Mancini, has given his opinion on the new challenges for his former player and what he needs to do to be successful.

A word to describe him? Fantastic! Both as a player and a lad, for good or bad. He’s a special player for me, for everything he’s done on the pitch – and off it! I respect him a lot, I hope he understands that he has the chance to become a top player. He has to score at least 20 this season, but Mario has to stop taking his shirt off as soon as he scores one. It should be normal for him to score.

Roberto Mancini

I find Balotelli’s reluctance to take off his shirt to be quite interesting as he was found famously saying,

When I score, I don’t celebrate because I’m only doing my job. When a postman delivers letters, does he celebrate?

Mario Balotelli

After the Liverpool debacle, Balo must learn how to channel his inner postman once again and stay away from the ridiculous celebrations that are just going to get him sent off.

Hopefully the real Balotelli is here to stay and can find himself back in the Italian fray because Graziano Pelle and his great hair and no handshakes are obviously not cutting it.

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