Messi names the 10 footballers he’s most excited about

Joshua Byers

Lionel Messi has revealed to the world the 10 players he regards as the most promising talents. Coincidentally, they’re all signed to Adidas, and there’s a solid geographic representation… shock. 







Now we wouldn’t for a minute suggest that there is anything disingenuous about the idea that Leo has personally selected these players, especially given his unblemished history with honesty that the Spanish courts can attest to. A verse of Shaggy’s, ‘It wasn’t me’ springs to mind ?.

Some of the selections do seem rather odd; Nike-wearing hotshots like Ousmane Dembele and Kingsley Coman are overlooked in favour of more unknown, three stripe wearers.

Here are the ten members of Adidas’s, sorry, ‘Team Messi’ selection… 

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