Ex-Colombian international caught working for Pablo Escobar

Ethan Tait

Much like Tupac and Elvis Presley, I don’t think Pablo Escobar is dead. I know Narcos and the US government say so, but I just can’t get myself to believe it, especially when football and drugs collide. 

Ex-Colombian international Diego Osorio was arrested for attempting to smuggle nearly $50,000 worth of cocaine in his underwear. Trying to pull a fast one by resorting to old smuggling tactics.

C’mon Osorio, you can do better than that.

The former Atletico Nacional player had nearly a kilogram of that the high quality, Colombian snow on him. I’m no drug expert, but that seems like a lot of cocaine to be storing on your person and it has to be very bulky at that.


His excuse? He claims to be paying off a debt to someone, I’m calling bullshit. He’s just not trying to give up his supplier, Pablo Escobar.

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Here’s my idea on the whole situation:

Diego Osorio played for Atletico Nacional and Independiente Medillin, two Colombian team based in Medillin where Escobar housed his cartel. Although Escobar’s preferred team was Independiente Medillin, he gave a lot money to both sides because he was a man of the people.

I say when Osorio was playing for Independiente, he was intrigued by the drug trade and was thinking about his future after football so he and Escobar became good friends.

In 1993, Pablo Escobar’s body double was killed and the real Pablo Escobar laid low for many years while the Cali Cartel came to forefront of drug exploits in the Western Hemisphere.

While the war on drugs raged on, Escobar laid low waiting for his opportunity to announce his return to the world.

Diego Osorio and Escobar lost touch and as Osorio was brought up on possession of coke in 2002 and the pair reconnected and waited for their chance.

Now, ready to flex his cartel powers again Escobar sent Osorio on a suicide mission with a kilo of coke in his undies to purposely get caught. This plan was all a set up to announce to the world and Escobar is still a football fan and ready to take back his throne as the King of Coke.

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