Pat Perez rips Tiger Woods apart during radio show

Pat Perez has dipped his toes into the wading pool of Tiger Woods media, and he doesn’t have nice things to say.

During one of his shows on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio, the topic of Tiger Woods came up, as it would in any conversation with golf at its forefront. Perez said that although he understands that Woods “moves the needle” for the media, his coverage is extremely overrated at this point in the 41-year-old’s career, and for golf.

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He proceeded to rip Tiger a new one as he continued on his show:

“He knows he can’t beat anybody.”

“He’s got this new corporation he started so he has to keep his name relevant to keep the corporation going. So he’s going to show up to a few events, he’s going to try to play…he’s going to show the Monster bag, he’s going to show the TaylorMade driver, he’s gonna get on TV. He’s got the Nike clothes, he’s gotta keep that stuff relevant.

“But the bottom line is he knows he can’t beat anybody. He knows it. He shot 77! That guy can’t shoot 77. What does he do the next day? ‘Aw my backs gone.’ He knows he cant beat anybody!”

Although it may seem a bit harsh, his words definitely resonate with the majority of the golf world. The moment he announced his return and then pulled out, he apologized and then announced his new rebranding of his company. Coincidence? Pat Perez doesn’t think so. Any media is good media and Tiger Woods definitely knows how to work the spotlight.

The big news was whether we would be seeing Tiger at the Masters this year, with fans everywhere crossing their fingers for another major win. But Pat Perez doesn’t think he’ll make it to the press conference, let alone on to the course.

“Personally, I don’t think you’ll see him again this year. The guy can’t show up to an interview!”

Woods recently pulled out of the Genesis Open (where he skipped out on the press conference) and the Honda Classic due to back spasms, and he has not set a return date.

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I think we need to add Pat Perez to the list of people who would love to see Tiger Woods fail, because it seems like he’s making bets on it.

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