PGA Tour rookie gets mistaken for a parking valet

Life for a PGA Tour rookie is rough and one newbie just came face to face with that reality when he was mistaken for a parking valet.

J.T. Poston just started his rookie season and he’s not doing half bad! He’s made the cut in 7 out of 10 tournaments and even placed T17 at last week’s Genesis Open. He has a long way to go before he becomes a household name, or even a name that other golfers know.

Poston tweeted about how while walking to his car after a round and was mistaken for a parking valet, having keys thrown at him before he could say anything.

Getting on to the PGA Tour is no joke. Q-School is not something to be taken lightly, and if you make it through each level to get your Tour card, you’re clearly doing something right. But that doesn’t mean anyone will know you when you get there.

After tweeting this out, other Tour pros came out of the woodworks to show support and share similar stories from when they were rookies. Most of the other comments were along the lines of “enjoy your new car”.

It seems like some of the pros have started this hashtag #playbetter for moments just like this. I believe it’s a way for them to stop making excuses because if they played better, this kind of thing wouldn’t happen.

The best response came from Smylie Kaufman, who had a different reaction to Poston’s tweet:

Reminds me of something..

If you’re at a golf event and see someone in the parking lot, you should probably wait for an answer before you throw them your keys. Just sayin’.

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