These gorgeous putters are made from your choice of tree

The Bradley Putter Company has burst onto the golf scene with their beautifully handcrafted putters that will transport you back in time.

When you think of wood when referring to golf, you probably think of the old hickory golf clubs used back in the day. Now, the new reinvented wood has made its way into the putter. Bradley Putters are “highly engineered, beautifully simple burl wood putters handcrafted in Southern Oregon, USA.”

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Each putter is unique in style, as is each tree it’s cut from. What makes the process even more special is that you can be involved in every step of the creation. You can select which block of wood to start with and everything from the shape to the grip can be precisely designed for your exact style.

If you think that a wood putter will surely break over time, besides the fact that the wood is water-resistant and warp proof, these have a lifetime guarantee:

“We stand behind our products. If your putter ever chips, cracks, or breaks in any way, simply return it for free refurbishment or replacement. The only time you’ll ever need to buy another Bradley Putter is when you buy your second. And third. And one for dad.”

Bradley Converse, the creator of Bradley Putters, left behind a career of designing military equipment to survive nuclear blasts for the opportunity to design unique statement pieces for the distinguished golfer. A guy who can create equipment to withstand nuclear blasts, is definitely a trustworthy person to handle your golf clubs.

These unique and beautiful pieces of art, I mean putters, are a breath of fresh air in a golfing world filled with Cleveland’s and Taylor Made’s. From tree to tee, the way it should be.

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