WATCH: Emre Mor sent-off for the most laughable incident

Ethan Tait

Borussia Dortmund’s youthful core of Christian Pulisic, Emre Mor, and Ousmane Dembele is nothing short of exciting. Youth prospects are skilful and fearless – however, they do lack experience and other teams have a tendency to recognize that quickly. 

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With nearly a starting XI worth of injured players, Thomas Tuchel has had to rely on younger talent to get the job done as the seek to not lose anymore ground in the Bundesliga race to Bayern Munich.

In a huge match against Champions League side, Hertha Berlin, Emre Mor was thrust into the starting lineup along with Christian Pulisic with the expectation of getting three important points at home.

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With the match tied, Emre Mor took it upon himself to chase the game and looked to make something happen on the ball. In his attempt to dribble into the box, Hertha Berlin defender Sebastian Langkamp had other ideas and was riding the back on the diminutive Turkish player.

In a normal reaction, Mor pushed Langkamp in a moment of youthful exuberance and Langkamp saw the opportunity to react and flew back as if he had gotten shot.

See for yourself:

And therefore ending the myth that the Bundesliga was the one league where hard tackles and diving had no place.

Langkamp is a 6’3″ German defender who is 187 pounds; he’s a big boy.

Mor on the other hand is like 12 years old and stands at 5’6″ at 141 pounds.

Tell me how Mor pushing him caused Langkamp to fly back like something from Dragon Ball-Z is fucking ridiculous.

It was a like a senior in high school fighting a freshman and the senior is just toying with the freshman pretending the punches are actually doing something.

This offense had Emre Mor sent-off in utter disbelief as Hertha Berlin and Dortmund played to a draw, but it’s hard to know whether to criticize the referee or Langkamp, who just looked like a big bitch.

Thankfully Langkamp has since admitted to the Hollywood worthy antics that forced Mor’s red card, but shit like this should not stand.

I just got a bit carried away by the atmosphere and tend to exaggerate in the heat of the moment. I just got a bit carried away by the atmosphere and tend to exaggerate in the heat of the moment. I’m sorry because it shouldn’t have been a red card for Mor.

Sebastian ‘I tried to be like Neymar’ Langkamp

Hopefully the Bundesliga will recognize the stupidity in the red card and rescind it and look to improve and prevent players from being so damn soft.

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