MLS were once leading the way, with this innovative penalty shootout idea

Ethan Tait

The world of football is experiencing many changes at the moment, with new leadership in FIFA meaning an expanded World Cup is on the horizon; young exciting footballers are bursting onto the footballing scene, and Tottenham Hotspur are unbeaten in the Premier League but are still below the Gunners in table. 

The beautiful game is fine and dandy, but I propose, that in order to aid in the ratings as well as increase the fanbase worldwide, the game of football needs to be…

For me, 90 minutes of battle with two quality teams is always worth watching, but the idea of ties and such a long game is offsetting to many. We need to appeal to the outsiders to the game of football.

Despite being the most popular sport in the world and being the dubbed the world’s game, we need to make a conquest to make the game grow in countries like America. Average Joe living in the middle of bumfuck nowhere should have a favorite Premier League team.

I propose we bring back the old MLS shootout, I’m not talking penalties but the system in which players dribbled the ball in on net from 35 yards away and had five seconds to get a shot off. It’s the closest thing we have to duel without people actually getting killed.

The MLS eventually adopted the more socially acceptable penalty kick shootout and the 35-yard shootout was phased out by the league.

I know I haven’t been the biggest fan of the MLS, their antics, and their attempt to become a mega league like the MLB or NFL, but adopting the shootout might do the Premier League some good.

A change could promote the league to a larger audience and do away with those boring draws. Instead of wishing for full-time in a match between Burnley and Sunderland, we could then wish for a goddamn shootout instead.

This is still less crazy than electing Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump for president. Let’s make football entertaining again.

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