Inter Milan are looking to become the Manchester City of Serie A

Ethan Tait

At the end of 2009/10, Inter Milan were at the pinnacle of the footballing world. Jose Mourinho led the Italian giants to a treble and the Italians were again in the graces of the football gods. But that successful season was the start of the slow descent for Inter as players left, Mourinho jumped ship to join Real Madrid, and Juventus became the poster child of Italian soccer. 

Success has been very hard to find since that history-making year. The 2010/2011 season was the closest thing to that level of success with victories in the Coppa Italia and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Since, the club has gone through more managers than Chelsea and their only minor success came last season with a fourth place finish in Serie A.

On top of that, the club’s captain, Mauro Icardi, is under fire for his remarks in his new autobiography by the Inter’s Ultra supporters. On a side note, who the fuck writes an autobiography at 23? That in itself is beyond me, it’s pretty obvious to see why his own fans hate him.

After Roberto Mancini jumped from a sinking ship, Frank de Boer was put in charge of the club and was handed quite the task. With a captain who is getting booed at every opportunity to a subpar squad that cannot compete with the best teams in Serie A, let alone Europe, the once proud Italian side is in shambles.

Fortunately for the club, money is on their side as new ownership group, the Suning Holdings Group, is determined to make Inter Milan great again by investing a shit load of money into the transfer market.

Evidently money will not be an issue as the group wants to bring the likes of Sergio Aguero, James Rodriguez, and Luis Suarez into the side that they want to be managed by Diego Simeone.

I think that pulling at the heartstrings of former player Simeone will be enough to convince the Argentine to join the Inter Milan project, but the other players not so much. The likelihood of buying two of arguably the best strikers in the world is slim to none.

The new ownership needs to chill for a second and be realistic in their attempts at saving this team and maybe sell Mauro Icardi to avoid him getting murdered by the Ultras.

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