Are we seeing the return of football hooliganism?


The football hooligan is coming back.

You can feel the tension building both outside and inside grounds as lads in CP goggle jackets and Stone Island tops mill around in small groups getting excited by the sight of Police dogs, horses and riot vans.

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Without getting too sociological, you can hardly blame the teenage lads that are beginning to tentatively engage in violence at grounds around the country today.

There are no jobs for them to go to, they can’t buy houses or even get a council flat, they’ve been raised reading books and watching films such as Green Street and hearing tales of terrace mayhem from their dads and granddads while the pound is rapidly devaluing as unease over Britain’s purported EU exit casts uncertainty over the markets.

Let’s face it, the country is in a shit state.

And however much you gloss over it with billion-pound leagues such as the Premier League, it’s the fans that are getting hit hardest in the pockets with ever-rising gate prices and people are getting frustrated.

Corrupt politicians, perverse celebrities, a culture that promotes million pound lifestyles and treats public services as a burden; and people wonder why people want to go to the match and fight?

I feel like smashing windows, and I’m a dad in my mid-forties.


How do you earn respect within your community of peers when you’re working a minimum wage gig? By being known as a drinker and fighter. A hard-man.

This is the kick back of the white working class male that has been marginalised over the last twenty years, devalued and written off as Chavs and layabouts by a predominantly middle class media.

The hooligan is a product of a society that places the value of money at its very core and if you haven’t got wads of notes to throw around, then you’re worthless.

The hooligan holds a mirror up to the leaders in Westminster, who should take note, because the Firms are on the rise again.

The next fight you see may not be on YouTube, but at a game that you’re attending.

Have you seen trouble at any games lately? Have your say.

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