Will we ever see another Leicester City fairy tale?

Last season Leicester City did something great. In fact they did something better than great, they did something that gave us all hope. When the Foxes won the Premier League everybody stood up and took notice and so they should’ve, because nobody will ever replicate what Claudio Ranieri’s men did ever again.

Just a few years ago Leicester City Football Club were down and out. They were lingering down in the third tier of English football, as many great clubs have done over the last decade, and they were a million miles away from success. Nobody could’ve dreamed of what they would accomplish in the years to come – not even the most optimistic of fans.

The one great thing the club did over this time was adapt. Every single season they adapted to their surroundings and made the necessary adjustments to thrive under the pressure. In League One they knew they needed to clear some of their wages and bring in some experienced heads that would get them out of the league and that’s what they did. Then when they made it back up into the Championship they needed to slowly build up the overall quality and depth in the squad, and that’s what they did.

Momentum is a huge factor when you go from League One to the Championship, as has been proved by the likes of Norwich, Southampton, Wolves and especially Leicester. Within a few years they were back in the top flight and despite everyone writing them off as prime relegation candidates, they kept on going about their business quietly.

They successfully retained their place in the Premier League, and then it happened. Under the tutelage of Claudio Ranieri, Leicester City did the unthinkable and won the Premier League with odds as high as 5000/1. Remarkable. Phenomenal. Breathtaking. All of these words and more perfectly describe how great this achievement was – so why don’t I think it will happen again?

Because nobody will allow it to. The bigger clubs in the division all collectively had an off year, and it seemed as if nobody even wanted to win the league whatsoever. The embarrassment they all suffered at the hands of the Foxes is something that will drive them on to be better and ensure that nothing of this magnitude happens again. This past summer they have all strengthened on so many levels that the prospect of another Leicester miracle doesn’t seem to exist.

When push comes to shove, the marathon nature of this league will catch up on the smaller sides 99% of the time. Leicester were an anomaly. It was a fantastic journey and one hell of a ride, but with the money and stature that these clubs possess it seems thoroughly unlikely that anyone will ever be able to replicate that kind of accomplishment again. But we can dream.

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